Catalytic Capital Ally for Founders Innovating South Carolina

Accelerating South Carolina’s Innovation Through Matching Capital Investment
Let’s Clarify
Our investment focus

Amplifying the Impact of Accredited Investments with Matching Capital

InvestSC matches capital from accredited investors to de-risk investors and provide fundraising leverage for founders.
How it works

Your Innovation Catalyst

Founder is ready to
leverage InvestSC
Applies to InvestSC and Receives
Matching Committed Funding
Advisory That Cares to See You Succeed
Exposure to Advanced Networks

It’s an Ecosystem, matching investments and providing catalytic resources

Why We Exist

To Stimulate Economic Growth Through Targeted Investment

SSBCI granted $10B to states for programs that increase access to capital.
About us

Selection Criteria



The right team is in place with past experiences giving them the knowledge to push into your market.


Defined target audience with a real problem your product solves for them.


Have a strong approach to growth revenue with a plan on how you’re going to get there.


Business model stands out against competitors in the same industry and has great potential for scale.


Company is valuated at a reasonable price and gives opportunity for investors to grow as well.

Apply for Matched Funding

Once you’ve met InvestSC Investment Process
Step 1

Funding Application Portal

Register through our Portfolio Management System. Simple stress-free questions to build a profile out.

Step 2

Fill out Application Accurately

Application questions are seen at each step in investing, and are how we choose who we work with.

Step 3

Upload and Submit

Upload key documents such as Executive Summary, Balance Sheet, and additional information for submission.

Fund Managers

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